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The past.

In April 2002 we became the proud owners of this farmhouse (housing and barn under one roof). The house was built in 1870 and had been known for months or more changes successful. The last modification was made catastrophe by the former owners in the 70s. This so-called "renovation" consisted in reducing the area (we found 15 doors in 50 m² which serves a dark corridor with small rooms) and add two elements to the rear of the farmhouse.
The space under the roof served as a granary, which led from the start of problems with all kinds of beasts. It seemed obvious then adopt the single decision: Pulling everything and do everything to nine (site for about 3 years).

Our field (4 ha) is oriented south-west and we transform it gradually in a park. We also have a beautiful view of the terrace a succession of small fields, hedgerows and woods, a valley very relaxing and that changes color by light and season.eu à peu en parc.

Ti Er Mad
téléphone: 0297 28 20 75